Need for Speed |Rivals (get your game and drive)

Need for Speed Rivals trailer:

My driving gameplay:


Rivals is fantastically pretty, making great use of your next-gen console or PC. Cars look brilliant, near photorealistic. But Need for Speed has always had a slightly heightened approach to its presentation, and that’s still the case. Its cars are noisy creatures, always ready to race – look closely and you’ll see beads of moisture dripping down the bodywork, as if the car’s physically exerted itself. Weather effects are equally impressive. Rain, sun, and snow – as well as the time of day – have a big impact on the look of the game. Torrential downpours clog up the screen, while sometimes at night you’ll flashes of lightning illuminated the highly-textured road surface. And while it may not be the most densely populated of landscapes, there’s always something to catch the eye.

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9.5/10 ……                                                                                                                           this game just need customization  like Underground 2 to be 10/10

Visit those two links to download game                                                                 (but its better to buy game and play online, multiplayer):

Get this game here

need for speed rivals selimmiles

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